One-to-one training

If you want to get the maximum out of every session, one-to-one training is for you. Your programme will be designed to meet your goals, fit in with your lifestyle and suit your body.

Group training

Training with a couple of friends or partner is great fun, helps keep you motivated and committed and keeps the costs down too.

Training approaches

Depending on your needs, I can offer a huge variety of training approaches. You can work on endurance with cardiovascular intervals, steady cardiovascular workouts; develop high-end speed with tough intervals to boost your lactate threshold and improve fitness with high-intensity training (HIT). As for strength training, there’s more to this than 3 sets of 10 reps! Challenge your muscular endurance and pure strength with pyramid or drop sets, master pull ups with negatives and squeeze as much juice as you can out of your workout with a few forced reps at the end of the set. Find out more about these on my blog…


Stability training with medicine ballYou can get a fantastic workout with no equipment at all, but I have a range of equipment to make your sessions fun and to effectively meet your training goals. You’ll have access to resistance bands, dumbbells, boxing mitts and pads, a TRX suspension trainer, medicine ball, mini-hurdles, agility ladder, stability ball, wobble cushion, tennis balls and skipping ropes.

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