My main concern with using a Personal Trainer was finding someone who I liked, whose personality was a good balance between being challenging while still being nice and motivating. I think Abby has a really nice way of pushing but in a kind manner, which motivates me to try harder. Also, she has a very deep interest in the body beyond exercise. This reassures me that her understanding of exercise goes beyond the different ‘moves’ and stretches and actually into how different types of exercise can have different effects on the body, and how these can be used to different effects.

When I started my programme, I wanted to get into better shape and also establish a workout routine that I could stick to – to build the ‘habit’ of exercise into my lifestyle so I can keep doing it on my own. With Abby’s help, I have lost weight, I feel like I’m in better shape, stronger and more toned, I’m also doing more regular exercise on my own and keeping to 3 ‘session’s per week.


Isabel L.