I met Abby when I was feeling a bit lethargic and drained at the end of the year and although I was quite good at going to pilates and the odd swim, I felt my cardio fitness was really lacking.

Abby asked my what my goal was and I just plucked for being about to do 5k… I trained with Abby twice a week for 9 weeks (with a couple of gaps in between). The sessions were mostly focussed on running and when the weather allowed we ran outside in the Olympic Park which really helped me to enjoy it. After the run we would work on some core strength and weights. I enjoyed every session I had with Abby and only stopped due to re-locating to LA for 6 months… my final session I ran 5k and could have kept on going! Whilst I am in LA Abby has also written me a training plan which I am determined to follow and not allow the fitness to disappear. Highly recommend Abby for pushing me when I needed encouragement…

Claire Hill