Nutritional advice

Find out how well your eating habits meet your daily energy and nutritional requirements. Learn how to fuel and hydrate whether you want to train for a marathon or shift some weight.

After completing a 7 day food and drink diary, measuring your weight and height and answering some questions about your lifestyle and daily activity levels, you will receive a detailed report explaining your daily energy requirements and nutritional needs.


The report will tell you how well your current diet meets these requirements and give you advice on how to adjust it to meet your goals, whether this is weight change, improved energy levels or faster post-exercise recovery.

You will learn whether your current diet includes carbohydrates, protein and fats (known as macro-nutrients) in the right proportions and how well you are meeting your requirements of vitamins and minerals for optimal health and energy levels. You’ll see which foods are making a positive contribution to your nutritional needs and what foods you can add to your diet to address any imbalances.


Detailed nutritional analysis and recommendations        £95

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