Guest post: Getting exercise back into my life – Giles

I recently asked Giles for some feedback to find out how he found training with me and what impact it had since ‘graduating’ to train independently. His comments tell a great story about how he rebuilt his confidence and found ways to fit working out into his busy life and he has agreed to share this as a blog post to give an insight into what it’s like having a personal trainer. Here’s what he said…

I approached Abby with a goal of getting exercise back into my life and daily routine and to become healthy again. I was at a very busy time in my life so I was worried that, despite the best of intentions, I might not get anything out of the sessions and that personal training is expensive, but I believe my sessions with Abby were worth every penny.

Before I started the sessions, I was apprehensive that as a personal fitness instructor Abby would be like one of those shouty British Military Fitness trainers, but I found that she is always patient on workout sessions, while at the same time is just the right amount of pushy to keep me on track. Critically, there’s lots of fun and laughter too!

My training sessions with Abby were so important to me. Yes, they kept me physically fit – but more than this, they inherently fuelled a new sense of drive and purpose in both my work and personal life which I really appreciated.

With her help, I was able to:

  • vastly improve my middle distance running times
  • Improve my diet on the back of dietary analysis
  • Improve my cardio-vascular performance

But most importantly, Abby re-introduced exercise into my life, finding ways to make training fun, effective and achievable, even when things get super busy. Abby brought technique and structure to my workouts. Now, when I train at a gym or go out for a run, I have a catalogue of different exercises I can use. I’m more confident that I’m making the most out of any time I have to exercise and have a host of workouts at my fingertips to keep things interesting. This confidence has lead to me signing up to run my first half-marathon in years and I’m looking forward to putting my new-found know-how of running technique and training methods into practice!


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