Race Report: Thorpe Olympic Distance Triathlon

After the bumpy ride that was Xterra Switzerland, I’m actually quite pleased to say this race report is characterised by it’s brevity! Thorpe Olympic Distance Triathlon last Sunday was the opposite to my previous race in many ways. While Xterra was off-road, wet, muddy, hilly hundreds of miles from home and I didn’t know anyone there, Thorpe was on-road, dry, sunny, flat, within the M25 and full of friendly faces. After my disappointing experience in my previous race, my expectations weren’t very high but I was determined to make the best of it.

As it turned out, I had a great race, getting near-enough personal-best times in the swim, bike and run (depending on how you measure it as the courses aren’t always identical in length). I was particularly pleased with my run time as it was a decent 4-5 minutes off my PB for 10K in a triathlon and after an injury from a bike crash at the end of May I hadn’t run that much.  You can read my more detailed write-up of the race on the London Fields Triathlon Club blog.




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