Guest post: My fitness journey so far – Clair

This latest post is written by one of my clients, Clair, who kindly offered to share her experience on my my new blog. Clair and I have been working together since the spring of this year and her sessions have taken place in London Fields, Victoria Park as well as a couple at home in Clair’s flat. It has been a pleasure to help her gain confidence in what her body is capable of and I’m sure her positive outlook and sense of humour will mean she continues to challenge and surprise herself. Over to Clair…

It was a lovely sunny morning in May when I met Abby. I’d gone to meet my husband after his tri-club running session to go for a coffee. There were the usual conversations of ‘so do you take part in triathlon…err no, I’m not crazy’ and then I started chatting to Abby. She told me that she was a personal trainer. I had never considered personal training before – thinking it would be too expensive or just not for me. But I immediately said ‘I’d be interested in you training me…’.

I’d noticed I was piling on the pounds more recently, but I also realised I’d forgotten how to do anything but work. I needed to get outside and most importantly I needed some motivation to get me started. Abby came to visit me at home the following week for an initial consultation and then the training started only a few days later – no point in putting it off! After all, I’d done that really well for almost two years.

Abby and I decided that my aim from personal training was not just to get fitter but to complete a 5K, 10K and I found myself thinking about  a half marathon in 9-12 months time. The first session seemed to go well, I had more energy than I thought I did and Abby definitely told me about the good points of the fitness levels that I already seemed to have (there weren’t many, but it made me feel better). I had two sessions a week with Abby and then ‘homework’ for a third weekly session that I had to motivate myself to do. Initially the third session was really hard, but several weeks in and I was getting use to my new routine.

All my training sessions with Abby are different – I’ve used the TRX, medicine ball, and boxing gloves to name just a few. I had no idea I’d enjoy boxing so much, and making use of the kids play park in Victoria Park has been great fun.  Loads of stuff to jump off or on! I had no idea that training outside could be so versatile.

I’m still training with Abby, nearly five months later and I LOVE it. I even get up and go running when my husband is still asleep in bed. I couldn’t ever have imagined this happening! I’m currently training for my first 10K and hopefully I will complete a half marathon in 2016.

As for my new found fitness, I’ve seen big changes in my shape (and work life balance) and I can’t thank Abby enough.


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